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Welcome to EarthTone Tanning Spa 

Bringing Back, Old School Common Courtesy, with Today’s Technology

Come in and Enjoy a Relaxing…Down to Earth Atmosphere!

NO MANDATORY MEMBERSHIPS OR CONTRACTS !  We Offer Just Sessions & Minutes…..I Like to Keep Things Simple !  :)


We have Fun Color Tanning Beds ( Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Silver & Light Purple )

We have Wi-Fi, Netflix, Pandora & BlueTooth Radios


We Appreciate, Respect, Value Our Clients…Your a Person, Not a Number

We have a Cheesy saying: Come in & You’ll See a Smile, when You leave, We Like to See Yours    :)

Brand New 2016 – Pura Sunless Spray Tan Booth – ( The Wait is Over, it’s Here !  Spray Tan  Special – Buy One Spray Session and Get Second Session, Half Off !    $45.00 )

New Clients Get $4.00 Off a Single Tanning Bed Session or Tanning Bed Package !

Again, No Mandatory Memberships or Contracts !  We have alot of Tanning & Sauna Package Options to choose from that Best suits Your Time & Money !

So Come See, Feel, Hear, Smell &  Taste The Difference at EarthTone Tanning Spa!

The 5 Senses to our Business!      :)

1. See ( See how Neat & Clean the salon is ) ( Watch your Favorite Movie, Netflix in the Lobby or our Saunas ) and ( We change our  1,000 hour bulbs at 750-800 hours…so there always good  )

2. Feel ( Feel the Heat from the Infrared Saunas & Tan Beds ) ( Lotions that make Your Skin Feel so Soft )

3. Hear ( Hear a Friendly Welcome. Come in for Peace & Quiet. Listen to your Favorite Music from BlueTooth Radios and Pandora in Lobby or Saunas )

4. Smell ( Smell Homemade Candles, when You walk in. Smell Awesome Tanning Lotions & Moisturizers )

5. Taste ( Cold Refreshments )

I Love these sayings:

1.” The Happiest People in the World don’t have the Best of Everything – They just Make the Best of Everything ”    :)

2. “Your Smile is your Logo, Your Personality is your Business Card & how you Leave others Feeling after an Experience with You, Becomes your Trademark “

3. ” Always Pray to have Eyes that See the Best in People, a Heart that Forgives the Worst, a Mind that Forgets the Bad & a Soul that never Loses Faith in God”

4. ” Laughter is a Healer”….one of my Favorite Jokes is…. What do you call a Bear with No Teeth ? Answer: A Gummi Bear !         lol    :)

5. Greater is He, that is in Me (Jesus)…..Than He is in the World !  Jesus Loves, Saves, Heals, Strengthens, Restores, Comforts & We have His Promises !

6. In Life, Bad Times don’t Last, but Strong People Do !

7. Its not your Position in Life the Matters…..But, Choosing to do what Matters Most in Life, that Counts! (Make Each Moment Count)   :)





Owner, Shane Griggs

6835 East Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237

(317) 883-0100

Located in Franklin Points Shops

At the Corner of Southport and Shelbyville Road

Behind Walgreens on Southport Road

Our Summer Hours:

Monday: 10am – 8:00pm

Tuesday: 10am – 8:00pm

Wednesday: 10am – 8:00pm

Thursday: 10am – 8:00pm

Friday: 10am – 5:00pm

Saturday: 10am – 5:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Hours Last Revised: 8/8/16



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