Infrared Sauna – Prices & To Know Info.

1  Person Infrared Sauna – Red Cedar and 2 Person Infrared Sauna – Basswood

Radio, CD & DVD Player….Included in the 1 Person Sauna…..Reaches temperatures between 120 to 130 Degrees…

Radio, CD & DVD Player…. Included in the 2 Person Sauna…..Reaches temperature between 130 to 140 Degrees….



Check our Infrared Sauna Benefits Page for a complete listing of all the Sauna Health Benefits

What to Know & Do, Before & During your Sauna Session !

1. Always double check with your Doctor, for Any Health or Heart Issues 

to make sure you can use Infrared Sauna’s.

2. Don’t use Sauna, if you have a Fever .

3. Don’t Eat for roughly an Hour.

4. Come in Squeaky Clean, No Lotions, Make Ups & Oils of any kind.

5. Bring a Towel to wrap up with.

6. Can Tan First & Then do your Sauna Session, but can’t use Any Tanning Lotion.

7. No Water or Any Containers of any kind is allowed in Sauna.

8. No Electronics of Any Kind in the Sauna.

9. If you Feel Nauseated or Sick, Please end you Sauna Session.


You need to call to make an Appointment to use Saunas!  ( Usually takes 1 hour / 1 1/2 hours to heat up )














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