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   “I absolutely love coming to EarthTone Tanning – Shane is great and the products and services are amazing!! Thanks Shane for all you do to make EarthTone great!” -Meghan Manning

   “Always a great experience tanning at EarthTone Tanning! Clean facility, super friendly staff, and great prices! I highly recommend EarthTone Tanning!!” -Melissa Norris

   “EarthTone Tanning is the best place I have ever gone to tan. Shane is so caring and genuine,  I will never go to another place to tan.” - Allie Clesi

   “When it comes to tanning salons, EarthTone Tanning is one outstanding business. They offer more than reasonably priced packages and offer superb customer service. Plus, in layman’s terms shane and everyone that works there doesn’t try to sell you a car everytime you go in there! Shane, the owner, has always remembered my name from the first time I went in there! I really recommend giving shane my money that’s treats me as a person and not a number like some big corporations we all know and have left to come here! Thx again for bringing back old school hospitality!” - Robert L Farrington Jr

   “EarthTone is the BEST. Shane is by far one of the most down to earth caring people I know. At EarthTone you get an amazing tan and great service. I’m blessed to be able to tan and work at EarthTone Tanning :)” -Kristen Bishop

“EarthTone Tanning is the hands down, best tanning salon that I have ever been too. The staff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like a valued customer. Not only do I get a perfect tan, it is a very clean facility that has a lot to offer.” - Holly Clark

   “Me and my daughter absolutely love coming to EarthTone Tanning Spa. Shane is so friendly and treats us as if he has known us for a long time. He is very helpful with answering any questions I may have and cares about his customers. What I like the most about EarthTone Tanning Spa is how clean and nice everything is. I don’t have to worry about getting any bad diseases. The prices are very reasonable and worth it knowing I’ll be tanning at a nice clean place. Will definitely be recommending EarthTone Tanning Spa to my family and friends. Thanks Shane we appreciate you!” – Tamara Johnson 

   “I love making EarthTone Tanning a part of my day:) Shane and his staff make every visit welcoming and fun and this is by far the cleanest and all around best tanning facility I have been to! Keep up the great work :)” – Kelsey Renschler

   “Great facility. Shane has always been so friendly, and genuine. It is great to have a small local company to support!” – Patty

   “By far the best place to tan ever. Outstanding all around. And Shane, goes without words! Wish more Frankin Township businesses would follow his lead!” – Heidi Frederick

   The sauna is the best! I have a very fair complexion and don’t typically sweat as much as the normal person, but I love my relaxing sauna times – and I do sweat in the infrared sauna! It is warm, but not unbearable. 
EarthTone is very clean and well-kept, and Shane makes you feel so welcomed! -Maggie T.

   AWESOME! Love this place! Shane and Co. are always amazing! From registration on forward, when I walk in and they know my name I find myself singing the Cheers song…..Making your way in the world today, Takes everything you’ve got, Taking a break from all your worries, Sure would help a lot, Wouldn’t you like to get away?………..Sometimes you want to go, Where everybody knows your name, And they’re always glad you came…feel free to sing along! Brenda D.   :)

   Initially, I was a first-timer looking for a sauna so I could detoxify my body. Upon a search over the internet, I discovered EarthTone Tanning Spa is the only sauna in town. Owner Shane is fantastic and took me through the whole process step by step. The facilities are very clean and have fresh towels every time I go. Ive already been back 8 times! The sauna is perfect for relaxation and meditation. Great service and outstanding all around. Worth a trip! Loren R.

   Awesome facility and amazing service! Shane has a great appreciation for his clients and has their best interests in mind! State of the art equipment and a smile at the door make Earth Tone Tanning an amazing place that I am happy to call my tanning home!  Danielle S.

   I have used the sunlighten infrared sauna at EarthTone and it’s so relaxing. Shane explains everything and provides a very comfortable experience. I definitely recommend this special type of sauna to anyone looking to improve their health. It really helps with detoxification and weight loss. Mary G.

   I had a terrific experience today at Earthtone Tanning!  I’ve used other infrared saunas but I’ll continue with Earthtone. Read up on the  benefits of infrared sauna. You’ll be hooked like I am AND … bonus… Shane is very welcoming. Dea A.

   I recently researched Infrared Sauna’s and thought I would like to try it out.  I went to a different place last Thursday and found the staff unfriendly and pushy, not to mention I had to join their membership if I wanted to use their Infrared Sauna. I then went to EarthTone Tanning Spa the next day, let me tell you it was night and day between the two business’s. First of all Shane, you make the place!  I felt welcomed and at ease when I first walked into your business. I found EarthTone Tanning Spa clean and will definately be back.  So, what about the Infrared Sauna, well I loved it.  I tried the two person sauna with my fiance’, it was big enought for the two of us. I liked the fact that there was a radio inside the sauna, it helped with the relaxation.  The heat was just right, I never got too hot, and overall exactly what I was hoping and expecting.  Eddi P.

   I visited for the first time recently and all I have to say is WOW! Shane was very nice as well as the other staff. Me and my fiancée tried the 2 I had my first visit to today to use the sauna. Rick D.I got a spray tan there two days ago. The color is wonderful, best spray tan I’ve ever gotten. The girls that work there were very helpful and the owner Shane is so delightful. I’ll never go anywhere else

   Shane was very informative and down to earth. He didn’t try to push any products or services on me. It’s nice to see an owner/operator in any business. He’s hands on,so he know all the facets of his business. He answered all of my questions and made me feel welcome. I will definetly come back.person sauna, and it was great! I like the fact you can jam on some tunes as you sweat it all off. lol. The facility is clean, and very professional looking. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Shane L.

   I got a spray tan there two days ago (1-17-15). The color is wonderful, best spray tan I’ve ever gotten. The girls that work there were very helpful and the owner Shane is so delightful. I’ll never go anywhere else. Hannah S.

   I was overall extremely impressed with EarthTone Tanning Spa and my infrared sauna experience! Shane is very friendly and really cares about satisfying his customers. The facility was spotless and had a great vibe. I would highly recommend EarthTone! Brie H.

   I have gone to several different tanning salons on the south side of Indianapolis and EarthTone is BY FAR the best one I have ever been to! Shane (the owner) was so nice and explained everything well to me. The facility is nice and clean and the stand-up bed was amazing! I plan to continue my business ONLY at EarthTone. Just an all around great experience! Laura M.

   By far the best place to tan in Indy! Super clean, always fast, and very friendly! Emily C

   EarthTone Tanning ensures a perfect tan everytime. The facility it great and the staff is incredibly down to earth. By far the best tanning place I’ve ever experienced. Kirstin S.

   I’m very happy my ex husband told me about this hidden jewel. Shane and all of his staff are amazing. They go above and beyond to make you feel special. I definitely don’t feel like a number. I love that there is no pressure to buy everything. The prices are amazing. The beds are just as good if not better than sun tan city. The best tanning salon I have ever been to. I love all the extras. The lemon towels, the cleanliness, eye wear is provided, and you get 6 minutes before the bed starts. Definitely spreading the word about this wonderful place. Liz J.

   I visited EarthTone Tanning Spa for the first time last week. I was very impressed by Shane the owner, he took the time to answer all of my questions and explain everything to me about the infrared sauna. The facility is very clean and the atmosphere is just so relaxing. I had read many articles and watched several videos that recommended infrared saunas for chronic pain relief. I suffer from fibromyalgia & arthritis and after one – thirty minute session in the infrared sauna I felt amazing for several days. My pain level went from an 8 to a 2, with just that one relaxing session. I’m purchasing one of Earthtone’s very reasonably priced packages and I’m looking forward to finding out how well visiting the sauna on a regular basis helps reduce my pain. Melissa W.

   I love it..beds are great…..clean and Shane is fabulous! Dawn B.

   EarthTone Tanning is the place to go! You can expect a great tan, wonderful products, and customer service that goes above and beyond! Shane is so friendly and always has a smile on his face. Stop by, you won’t be disappointed! Sarah P.EarthTone Tanning is the place to go! 

   This is a great, friendly, courteous, clean, place to spend your tanning experience. Shane always provides service with a huge smile and is always able to answer any questions and offer suggestions. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else now that I have found this place. It is truly a relaxing experience. The smells when you walk in are wonderful. Jo Ann B.

   Love the customer service! Love the ultra clean environment! Love the reasonable prices! Love, love, love my sauna sessions!!! Warming up, relaxing, and detoxing….an amazing experience. Can’t wait to go back! Cindi J.

   I decided to tan for about a month before going on a trip. I decided on a non-chain location and this was definitely the place to choose. The 2nd time I walked in the door, Shane immediately recognized me and I only had to remind him of my last name. The 3rd time, he knew my name and welcomed me with a smile and each time after that. Shane and his staff were great and the salon was always clean and tidy. I will certainly be returning in the future! And will recommend EarthTone to all my friends! Thanks Shane for all you do and being kind to everyone who walks in the door! Emily

   Earthtone Tanning Spa is the best tanning/sauna place in town! They offer a variety of services for every customers need. I love the tanning options and the sauna! Shane offers excellent customer service, meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations! I highly recommend EarthTone as your number one choice! Michelle G.

   I love how there is finally a sauna in town where you don’t have to belong to a gym! Luckily for me it’s in a great location on south side. Shane is always a great host to his establishment, one of the reasons I continue to go there and I always recommend it to people I meet. Everyone should try it for the saunas and if you like tanning in a clean friendly business! Amy

   After 15+ years of tanning off and on…everywhere from southern Indiana, to Kansas City MO and back to Indy…Earthtone is by far the best salon I’ve ever been to! Shane was so kind and informative. The entire facility was spotlessly clean. I loved the little ‘extras’ like dyson-fans, face-wipes and lemon-cloths, etc. I have finally found my “home” for tanning in Indy! Thank you for a perfect first-time visit and for the care you put into your customers! Being a ‘number’ is NOT good business and I felt like a ‘person’…not a number, today! :)   Shelly

   I recently visited EarthTone Tanning for the first time.  I went for the Pura Sunless Tan and all I can say is I LOVE it!  I have frequented many sunless booths over the years and feel like a pro with over the counter self tanners and this is the BEST result I have ever gotten from a sunless tan.  Not only was my color amazing, Shane is amazing also!! He is so friendly and he really wants to please his customers! He was good with the kiddos too!  He thought of everything when it comes to the mind of a sunless tanner!  He has lots of extras too that you have to purchase at other places that should just be a part of the normal sunless experience and he has made it just that easy!  For anyone that has never had a sunless tan before, prep is super important and must be done to have a successful outcome anywhere you go.   I would recommend it to any of my friends  that need that quick pick me up for some extra color or that special event where you just want to look your best!  To those nervous Nellies, don’t worry Shane walks you thru the process!  Happy Spraying!  Stacey W.

   I’ve been going to Earth Tone Tanning since they opened. The facility is clean, inviting, and Shane is so friendly! The beds are top notch and there are choices to fit your budget. Shane will and does steer you toward a tanning package that best fits your needs …not what costs the most. With my travel schedule, I’ve always felt I received the BEST service. The beds always have strong bulbs, damp lemon wash cloths are available after tanning to freshen up .. you’ll enjoy your experience! Thanks Shane….Stephanie G.

   This place is awesome, and Shane is so professional. One of the best tanning places I’ve ever been to. Love this place!-Samantha B

   By far the BEST place I have ever tanned! The beds are so clean, they offer things, like lemon towels and baby wipes, that no one else does, and Shane even remembers my name! He is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. The prices are fair and I feel so welcomed every time I walk in, which is not something you can say about most tanning places. This place definitely goes above and beyond to make customers feel welcomed and wanting to keep coming back. I will never tan anywhere else! Savanna H.


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